Chakra Yoga & Art Series (Oct – Nov, 2019)

Creative Workshop with Evie Dunville & Laura Gibson!

Chakras are the main energy centres responsible for receiving, flow and release of life Energy (prana, chi) and form the main link between the body and the mind. They are located along the spine, and they are distributed to seven levels on which the energy vibrates.

In this 6 week series workshop, you will be led through understanding your chakras from root to crown through yoga practice, oils, meditation, breath work and intuitive expression through creative art.

You will experience flow and yin yoga, creativity, movement and balance every week based around a new chakra, completing the series with a sense of balance and finished art pieces based on the chakras to remind you of your experience. You will also receive a special chakra gift from Laura Lotus Love at the completion of the full program!

What you will learn: • What are the chakras and where are they • How to create balance in the chakras through yoga, meditation, essential oils and creative expression! • How to use an understanding of the chakras to improve creativity • How to use art to access your chakras • How to create intuitively • What poses access each chakra • Why you might be feeling misaligned in your chakras and how to change it!

Series starts Fri. Oct 4th. 6 weeks from 6-7:15pm. Full series $120. Or you may sign up for Individual Sessions $25 (plus tax)

Week 1: Root (Oct 4) Week 2: Sacral (Oct 11) Week 3: Solar Plexus (Oct 18) Week 4: Heart (Oct 25) Week 5: Throat (Nov 1) Week 6: Third eye & Crown (Nov 8)

Must Pre-register. Spaces limited to 10 bodies! Not all 6 are mandatory, so you can sign up for all or individual sessions.

Art Therapy: Fostering Resilience & Healing (Mar 6, 2020)

A presentation as part of the Canadian Domestic Violence Conference 6

This presentation will introduce an Art Therapy approach to fostering resilience and healing. Art Therapy uses non-verbal communication to support resilience. This approach builds the capacity to reverse physiological changes associated with trauma, expanding the individual’s capacity to recover, adapt and problem solve.

Supporting Resiliency and Well-being through Art in Young Children (May 4, 2018)

A presentation as part of the annual EDCA of PEI’s annual conference.

This highly interactive session will explore the distinctive outcomes associated with using art as therapy, and why it works. Participants will explore the concept of
using art therapy in the classroom to build resiliency and well-being in children, as well as how to speak to children about their artistic process. Case studies will include art therapy for grief and loss in the classroom, and using art therapy and storytelling for agency building in the context of a daycare.

Participants are asked to come prepared to create, and are asked to dress in clothing appropriate for crafting.

Art Therapy and Mindfulness (Apr 22, 2018)

An open presentation on Art Therapy and Mindfulness, part of the Free Wellness Day at Halifax Central Library hosted by the Nova Scotia Chapter of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of Canada. Stop by room 301 from 2:30-3pm for information and the chance to try out some mindful art making techniques!

Dream Catchers (Aug 7, 2017)

Deepen your dream experience while inviting the unconscious into your art with Art Therapist Evie Dunville.

Expect self-reflective and hands-on art making. No art experience required.

40$. Materials & HST included.

Sunday, August 13th 7-9 PM

Blue Apples Arts & Wellness Centre

For more information, and to register contact:
phone: 902-209-8631